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I realize this post is a little late in the week and am therefore extending the time ya'll have to vote in the poll, yay! haha Monday's post will address the winning classic fashion question, which would you like to know more about?
Anywho, onward and upward! Anyone who knows me knows how big a fan I am of my city Austin, Texas! One of the many appealing things about my beloved city is the large variety of activities, concerts, and shows that are available on a daily/ nightly basis at such an affordable price. Last weekend was incredibly packed with fun events and ample opportunities for fun fashion spotting starting with the Mascara Monologues segment I recorded for the Kim Iversen Show on Thursday. Fashion has always involved quite a bit of thought for me so I was relieved to see that Miss Iversen and I were on the same wave length when it came to our attire for that evening as we both chose to wear a flowing maxi dress. I realized that the only people who would even see my outfit were the six people in the studio (and of course all of you lovely people <3) and that I would be sitting for about an hour making it essential that my outfit be cute, presentable, and moreover extremely comfortable. 

I went with an ELLE maxi dress I’d purchased from Kohl’s at least a couple of years ago (the print and style is classic and this dress will last another 2-3 years, at least). I paired the dress with an Orange skinny belt from Cotton On (the belt was sold in a set of three: pink, orange, and turquoise) and a pair of orange Ralph Lauren Jellies (originally priced at $200, got them on sale for $30 at DSW!) For my lips I chose Kat VonD’s Painted Love Lipstick in A-Go-Go, and for nail color “Are We There Yet?” nail polish by OPI.

Next up was the Glass Candy + Chromatics + Orthy + Flying Turns DJ’s show at the Austin, TX venue Mohawk on Friday. It was a completely last minute decision to tag along with a group of friends who had purchased their tickets for only $13! 

Well needless to say I couldn’t resist and by 9 PM I was sweating, singing, and dancing the night away amongst a beautifully weird crowd of people. I usually like to plan ahead for events so that I can get the perfect outfit together but this was just too good an opportunity to pass up on account of garment perfection, or lack thereof. Given the time I would have selected my ensemble by considering the type of music; in this case I would have preferred to wear something that more closely resembled a highlighter.

Instead, I threw on an outfit that just screams summer (White lace shirt from NordstromRack, pink tank top from Target, mint/ turquoise shorts from Charlotte Russe,peanut butter purse & shoes from A’gaci Too, and both Sally Hansen in Mint Sorbet & OPI in My Address is “Hollywood” by OPI on my nails), braided my bangs back, and proceeded to Mohawks to bask in all of the glory that live shows have to offer. Predictably so, I encountered some amazing concert attire and was lucky enough to have met incredibly nice people (although everyone in Austin is like that <3) that they allowed me to share their style with you all.

The fun thing about live shows, and really Austin in general, is that people appreciate the bazaar and unique. Everyone who was in attendance had such fun, different, and exciting personal styles and not one of those people had a nasty thought or look to give to someone who didn’t match their specific vision. I wish I could have grown up closer to downtown than in the ‘burbs of North West Austin but being a mere 30 minute drive away didn’t stop me from enjoying what downtown Austin has to offer for long. Here are some examples of outfits I've worn to past shows and festivals.

Sunday was my Bff’s BIL B-Ry’s birthday party at EmmaLong Park. I wore a Navy blue tank top with orange & blue patterned shorts, and a pale pink watch all from Target. I paired my outfit with the same Ralph Lauren jellies I mentioned earlier, a Nine West coral colored purse on sale from Steinmart, and the coolest sunglasses (also in pale pink) I've ever seen or owned purchased from Charlotte Russe for $5.

We chilled in the shade of an incredibly old and gracious tree while listening to Ghost Land Observatory, The Toadies, and Tenacious D. The manly men grilled some delicious hot dogs, chicken, and hamburger patties while everyone else swam in Lake Austin and watched the babies play. Aside from some random teenagers stopping by to ask if we had any weed (they were asking every single person on the shore haha what?!) the perfect ending to a beautiful day was met with an impromptu game of sand volleyball. I’ll say this; It’s not the most conventional cure for a hangover, but it did me wonders.

I’m so incredibly thankful to be able to call myself an OG Austinite. I have my city, family, and weird friends to thank for my ability to appreciate the eccentric in life and my hope for everyone is that one day you’ll be able to live truly weird without a care. Here's a Rosie picture to get you through til the next post, my princess is also fabulously fashionable while being body-type burdened:)

Also, the second segment of the Mascara Monologues segment I recorded on The Kim Iversen Show aired Tuesday July, 31st, at 10 Pm Central on the fm radio station Mix 94.7. If you’re out of state, didn't catch it, or just want to hear my beautiful voice again ;) CLICK HERE, type Mascara Monologues into the search bar, then click on the above mentioned date to check it out(my previous segment from last Thursday, 7/26/12 will be here as well)! I’m so thrilled with the amount of support and love I’m receiving from family, friends, and even strangers whom I'll refer to as future friends from now on. I can’t thank you all enough (especially my followers)! Don’t be afraid to message me directly via Facebook or Twitter with any questions you might have, I’m here to help :)


  1. Gosh, I'm so thankful everyday that I'm from Austin! This city rocks and you meet some of the greatest people here! It's changed a lot since we were younger. I just hope it doesn't change too much from non-original Austinites! Loved the picture and comment about Rosie, made me laugh out loud! I can't wait to listen to your voice on the talk show, so cool!

  2. Right!? I've actually been considering a tattoo sleeve of Austin how I want to remember her, sooo many changes happening here! Thanks for checkin' my radio gig out haha it was pretty hard for me to listen to, I'm pretty sure I sound like a man!

  3. Krista omg you do NOT sound like a man hahahahaha. Love all you ladies' outfits! This blog is going to be awesome for me because I feel like I dont have any style! I always just find bargain deals on summer dresses and tops to go with my one/two pairs of jeans. lol! xo

  4. I love the pic of Rosie! I was going to suggest a summer pic but it would be cruel to dress a dog up in the heat of Austin summer. Another great blog post. I can't wait until the next one!